Light of Hope Fund/Helping Our Neighbors

Hope to provide basic family needs.

Basic Needs

Since 1946, before Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington was founded, St. Vincent Centers followed the philosophy and mission of bringing hope to life, especially for those most in need. Catholic Charities provides assistance to thousands of families each year through our St. Vincent Centers thrift store, emergency services programs, food bank in Union Gap. We offer crisis relief to those facing hardship by providing clothing, household items, food, and shelter.

Crisis relief is just the first step toward a long-term solution, so Catholic Charities has partnered with related agencies that have programs to address the underlying causes of crisis situations. This holistic approach helps those who are suffering hardship take important next steps, which begins them on their journey toward stability.

You can help us serve those in need by donating food as well as gently-used household items and clothing. We also encourage you to shop our St. Vincent store. More donations and customers provide more finances to provide help to families in need in our communities.

St. Vincent Centers (Thrift Store & Food Bank) – Union Gap
2629 Main Street