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04/19/2022 Opportunities from the Great Resignation

Does it seem like everyone around you is looking for a new job? That might just be the case. So many people switched careers in 2021 that news organizations coined the trend as “The Great Resignation.” The US Department of Labor reported that over 4.4 million people left their jobs in September 2021 alone. Most stayed in the labor market and just switched careers, but others opted to stay home with children, retire early, or start their own home-based business.

While some look at the changes in the labor market with unease, Trisha Flores, Catholic Charities Talent Acquisition Specialist in our Yakima office says these shifts in the market are actually good news for us here at Catholic Charities.

“COVID-19 had a huge impact on what people are looking for in a career,” says Flores. “Not only do they want a paycheck, but the pandemic has made more people crave careers with purpose and meaning. We have that here.”

Flores thinks the time people spent with their families during the lockdown, and the needs they saw across the country made some people realize that time away from loved ones should be spent making a difference. As a non-profit organization serving families in need across Central Washington, we provide families a wide range of services including behavioral health care, foster and kinship support, elder care, housing for individuals experiencing homelessness, family education, childcare, and more.

“Our staff makes tangible impacts in people’s lives every day. With everything we lost to COVID-19, making an impact in people’s lives feels especially meaningful,” says Flores.

The good news is that careers like those at Catholic Charities appear to be secure through the next decade. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in September that the health care and social assistance sector of the economy is expected to add 3.3 million new jobs between from 2020 and 2030.

“We don’t know how long this trend will last,” says Flores. “But we are excited to help people find a career that not only serves our local communities, but also helps them experience a fulfilling career that truly makes an impact.”

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